Omega Boost's Intro Might be the Coolest Thing 90s Video Games Ever Did

This is Omega Boost. It was an OK shooter released in 1999 on the PlayStation. I remember it, and pay tribute to it here today, not for the game, but for everything around it.


Like the incredible FMV intro sequence, which goes from corny to amazing to "wow those aren't bad props and costumes for a video game". And a soundtrack that was so good it got its own CD release, a rarity at the time.

Or, for pub trivia fans, the most remarkable thing of all: that it was developed by Polyphony Digital, of Gran Turismo fame.

That makes it a rare thing! Because in nearly twenty years of existence, the studio has released nearly twenty standalone titles, and this is the only one that's not a racing game.

You can see the game's US intro above, while those with an aversion to guitars can check out the Japanese one here.

UPDATE - Mecha fetishist Ollie Barder points us towards an in-depth feature on the game he wrote a few years back, for those who would like to read more on it!



I could swear the pilot sounds like a really young Steve Blum, but it might just be my imagination.