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Olympics... of DEATH

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Tokyo Restaurant Recommendations, Got 'em?! So last night Tristan was lying in my ginormous bed as he prepared to go to sleep for the night. I flicked on the television to the Olympics to watch the closing ceremonies and lay down next to him. During one of the sky shots of the Birdnest you could clearly see the absurdly large, building-sized Olympic torch fluttering in the wind. "Tristan, that's the Olympic torch. The flame is handed off from runner to runner all the way around the world." He seemed suitably awed, laying their in his jet fighter plane pajamas in what I took for stunned silence. Then he asked a question. "When someone loses at the Olympics do they throw them in that fire?" What you missed: The Games Convention cover just keeps on a coming D3 Invades PAX 2008 Xbox 360 Fall Update Coming Out In November Sexy New Halo War Box Art, Screens Games As Art, But At What Cost? SFIV Hits NYC Arcade, Other Cities, Too Microsoft Unveils PAX Schedule


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