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During the 9-minute or so loading screen of Metal Gear Solid IV, gamers are treated to a close up view of old Snake sucking through cigarette after cigarette as game tips, warnings and public service announcements pop-up on the screen. They're certainly not worth sticking around to watch, but if you do you'll get two bits of wonderful hypocrisy. The first couple of times Snake taps his cigarette ash onto the unseen ground an message shows up telling you not to litter and to use an ashtray for your ash and butts. Then after about five minutes of him smoking you get a message about the harms cigarettes.

[Smoking Warning]

Cugarette smoke has detrimental effects to you and those around you, particularly infants, children, and the elderly.

Have consideration for others when choosing to smoke.

Oh, and cancer, there's that too.



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