Old-School Robots Are Back in 3D on the 3ds

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On June 4th, Rocket Company has opened the official site for Medabots 7 Beetle/Stag Beetle Version on the 3DS. The game will be released on September 9th in Japan.

For those of you that have never heard of Medabots, the game was first released in 1997 and had its own TV anime series that aired from 1999 to 2000. The story revolved around Medabots (duh)—which were personal robots that could be customized to be your very own one of a kind robot—in a future-set world where duels between Medabots was considered a popular sport.

The official site is still under construction, and further information will be added in due time.


Official Medabots 7 Website

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Man, I can't believe people are so quick to denounce Medabots as just another Pokemon clone. That show was awesome. It was obviously a parody, hardly ever took itself seriously, and was actually funny. Sure, it was never going to get as big as Pokemon, but that wasn't the point. It was fun and zany and that was just fine. It was never my favorite show, but I certainly looked forward to it.

A shame this probably won't make it to the US, though. I've played the GBA ones and they were fun enough, but this franchise is deader than Digimon over here (now THAT was my favorite show). This has a lower chance of being localized than Tales of Eternia has of getting decent English voice acting.

Final point about why Medabots was great; it gave us Mr. Referee. The man is so magnificent that they set up a spy satellite to shoot you from outer space if you dared assault him.