Today, Rockstar released the Beach Bum update in Japan for Grand Theft Auto V. It's made players' characters appear... different.

On 2ch, Japan's largest forum, and Twitter, GTA V owners showed how the update was changing their GTA Online characters' looks.


White characters are turning black, young characters are turning old, and female characters and turning male (and vice versa). There are many players complaining online in Japan, but it's still somewhat hard to tell how widespread this glitch is, and it looks to be affecting both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 versions.

Here are some before/after update images:

And here are some characters who appear to get the same manly face after the update:

Sure Rockstar will get this ironed out. In the meantime, enjoy the buggy faces.

Grand Theft Auto Ⅴ Online【GTA5】[Read 2ch via 2ch]

Photos: GTA_aruaru, Sakai_0224, re_lem, JetZenmaiRocket, Emi, hiokikento

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