This Bizarre Asari Pizza Dance Demands Music

Why would someone make a gif of a pizza Asari dancing on top of a pizza? You ask the wrong questions, my friend. The real question should be: what music would go best with this gif?


Two picks from me. Let's start with the silly, almost too easy one: G I M M E P I Z Z A plus asari.gif. And then, since I'm a Drake fan, I had to go with Drake's "Practice."

With the power of Gifsound, I encourage everyone to accompany this gif with a song of your choice in the comments. Have at it!


(Via Obvious Winner, although the source seems to be the Kryptmotion Tumblr.)

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Okay, stupid question time:

I've played ME, ME 2 and ME 3 on the XBox (and ME 2/3 on the PS3). Only recently have I built a gaming computer, and I repurchased the trilogy as part of a sale—largely because I love the hell out of these games (absent the last ten minutes or so of ME 3, but that's old ground I'd rather not retread).

My question: Neither ME nor ME 2 appear to support the XBox wired controller I routinely use with my PC; is there a workaround for this, or must I learn to play with mouse and keyboard? Any advice would be appreciated.