"Oh, You Know. I Blew Up Some Cows Today."

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Hello Kotaku. Happy weekend! I hope you're going to have a good one. I sure am.

Let's get right to the open thread today. Here, as always, are some things from around the internet:


And that's that. Have a great weekend, y'all.

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Kotaku, my Dad might be losing his job. If he loses his, that means I've got no medical support. My job couldn't even pay for an apartment, and I'm spending most of my money paying for the debt I accrued while being sick and jobless as it stands. I won't be debt free until my student grant money comes through.

Shit. :\

Even if I were to accelerate the work on the video game I'm working on, I can't see it being done any time before 2013, and I can't afford an artist to pay for a comic book pitch that may or may not be approved.

I can't get a better-paying job because A) it took nearly a year to find the one I've got, which is at school, and B) my issues with chronic pain limit me in the kind of jobs I can take.

Any ideas?

(and please don't suggest "write for a games website," because, while I'd LOVE to do it, you know you're just suggesting the impossible; I doubt I have the chops to be a writer for pay)

(please do suggest it if I'm wrong and you have a solid lead)