Back when Wii Motion Plus was announced at E3, many developers seemed surprised. Nintendo likes to keep things close to its chest, and developers like Lucasarts were apparently kept in the dark. Not happy campers! Leave it to Ubisoft honcho Yves Guillemot to stride in and utter "We knew that". According to Guillemot:

Nintendo has been working on that for a long time, trying to see how they could improve the precision. We knew for a long time they were working on that, so it's not a big surprise for us. We'll start seeing something in September/October. We already have games that can take advantage of it.

Got any questions about what Nintendo is up to, who's going to win the World Series or where babies come from? Ask Yves. Dude's a Gallic soothsayer. Interview: Ubisoft CEO [Game Daily via Go Nintendo]