There are several different series of Gundam mech models. There's the 1/144 scale High Grade series, the 1/100 scale Master Grade series, the insanely intricate 1/60 scale Perfect Grade series, and more. Then, there's the super deformed BB Senshi series – the latest of which has been getting a lot of attention.

Note: This post contains mild spoilers to Gundam Unicorn.

The BB Senshi (or BB Warrior) SD scale Neo Zeong was released last week. This model has a rather unique feature in that – much like in the movie – it has the mobile suit Sinaju nestled snugly inside it. Thanks to modern model-building technology, the model can not only be posed to recreate various scenes from the last episode of Gundam Unicorn, but the docked Sinanju can also be taken out as a separate individual figure.

Twitter users in Japan have also discovered a hilarious unofficial feature of the Neo Zeong model: Size-wise it's perfect for fitting other things in it as well.


Twitter user @kirokira posted a narrative image series with the Neo Zeong as an upgrade for Mario.

[Photo: @kirokira]

Other builders have noted the Neo Zeong is perfect for fitting Nendroid figures in it.

[Photo: @RX3939]

[Photo: @busou]

[Photo: @hiro_0217]

[Photo: @neko_santarou]

[Photo: @shiketan_cherry]

[Photo: @BIRHT68787800]

Nendroids aren't the only figures or models that are getting the Neo Zeong upgrade.

[Photo: @aota06]

[Photo: @ra_ru_fu]

[Photo: @d1mt8492]

[Photo: @tana1tukuruhito]

[Photo: @Kasumi_Shijo]

[Photo: @OORAISER]

[Photo: @metaliotto03]

[Photo: @kagutsuchino]

And others have just gone nuts.

[Photo: @butcha_u]

[Photo: @OperaDude]

[Photo: @CYA06145]

That's odd. I don't remember these mechas showing up in Gundam Unicorn...

The BB Senshi Neo Zeong is currently available in Japan at a much more reasonable price (¥2,160 (US$21.16)) than the upcoming High Grade Neo Zeong (¥27,000 (US$264.49)).

Stuff you stick in it is sold separately.

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