Oh No, The Honey Boo Boo Folks Made a Reality Show About Geeks Dating [UPDATE]

The television network TLC—known for gems like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo—aired a couple of specials following speed dating last year. Not just any speed dating, mind, but speed dating at nerdy events like Comic-Con. The hope was that the episodes would do well enough to warrant a full show.


The premise banks on the idea that dating for nerds and geeks is difficult because of the stigma that comes with being obsessive about certain subjects. Despite that stigma, like any other interest, nerdy activities can define a person enough that it's impossible not to let these interests weigh in on dating decisions. That also makes things tough: finding someone nerdy and geeky might be difficult.

A while ago I wrote about the insecurities and troubles that come with considering dates who share similar interests. Would it be overkill? Heck, would knowing that I like video games so much kill my chances with someone? Could I, should I even hide my interests?


Which is to say, I find the issues in the show familiar to some degree, but then again, I'm not convinced these are particularly unique quandaries. Dating is difficult whether you're a nerd or not. Wearing a costume or really liking Dr. Who isn't going to change that.

But the stuff that comes with normal ('normal') dating doesn't quite look like a circus, does it? That, I fear, is the true reason why TLC took an interest in geek dating: because it looks ridiculous. People will watch it in the same way they watch Honey Boo Boo: to point and laugh and feel better about themselves, because obviously you're better than those people.

Judging by the lack of updates, it seems that the show didn't perform as well as they hoped.


UPDATE: This show aired last year, but for some reason trailers resurfaced this year. I updated the article to reflect this. Reader rhys1882 points out that while the show didn't do well on TLC, it's been picked up by IGN's Start YouTube channel. This is likely why all the different trailers for the show are circulating this year. The first trailer is from the IGN show.

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