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Oh Nice, A New Isometric Skateboarding Game

THE RAMP is keeping things simple, and is out on PC next month

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you never had the pleasure, some of the best skating games ever made were incredibly simple, and used an isometric viewpoint. So it’s great seeing a new game, released in 2021, remember this and revisit some good old times.

Not every skating game has to be about insane combos, or a painstaking adherence to the bone-breaking realities of the sport. And not every skating game has to be a fully 3D affair, with the camera hovering right behind the skater’s ass.


This is THE RAMP, which is coming to Steam on August 3. It just gives you a ramp, or a bowl, or a pool, and lets you go nuts. That’s it!

THE RAMP’s features are described by its lone developer as:


  • tons of flow
  • satisfying & unique skateboarding gameplay
  • easy to learn, hard to master


  • NO unlockable stuff
  • NO score, NO missions
  • NO guns, explosions and helicopters

He also says, “When thinking about buying The Ramp, please keep in mind that it is a very small game. Maybe not even a game, but rather a digital toy.” So it’s going to be cheap, then, and also simple, so don’t go asking for narrative-driven campaigns or advertiser-fuelled DLC.


Just skate!