Thing you probably don't know about me: I can't look at Peanuts without tears welling up in my eyes, especially the older stuff.

Sure, everybody knows Snoopy now. But, it's really the entire mix of characters—Charlie Brown, Lucy, Peppermint Patty et al—and their mix of adult prickliness and childlike naiveté that made Charles Schulz's iconic comics strips so timeless. The daily black-and-white comics were great but the full-color Sunday strips gave Schulz a big, beautiful canvas to let his expert pacing and amazing linework breathe in a rainbow of color.


So, it's great news that Fantagraphics will be collecting Schulz' Sundays work into an all-new series of hardcovers. Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955 (Vol. 1) kicks things off this fall, featuring painstaking re-coloring that recreates how the strips originally looked. Maybe you didn't know that Charlie Brown's shirt wasn't always yellow. Sometimes it was red! Look how different Snoopy's nose is!

Look at this stuff. Just look at the cute, round faces, the body language, the framing. So damn perfect. Hurry up already, November!


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