Oh Look, Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll

Well this one took us almost completely not by surprise! Sega's countdown clock has ended, revealing a trailer for Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for the Nintendo Wii.

Sega didn't exactly cover their tracks well, what with the trademark application and the words "Super Monkey Ball" listed in the code for the mysterious countdown clock website. Soon after we posted news of the countdown clock the tags seemed to change to other random Sega properties, but the damage was done, and here we are. Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll is a Wii Balance Board-enabled version of Super Monkey Ball, due out in early 2010.


All relentlessly teasing Sega aside, I do love me some Super Monkey Ball. Could this be the title that finally sees me ponying up the cash for a Balance Board?

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Why would they take an awesomely fun/frustratingly hard at times great game like Super Monkey Ball and completely ruin it by making it use the fucking Wii balance board? How could that shitty board offer enough precise control to make Super Monkey Ball work? It can't. So now the levels will be stupidly easy and designed around the controls instead of the controls adapting to the design.


Super Monkey Ball is our goto drunk party game. We have so much fun playing WITH CONTROLLERS.

Between this and the new Tony Hawk, I am so worried about where gaming is headed.