Witness our hero Geralt fighting a giant, blurry Kraken in the latest leaked footage of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which CD Projekt has decided to talk about openly.

This marks the second time leaked footage from CD Projekt's sequel to the hit PC RPG The Witcher has surfaced on the internet, and the second time that the developer has decided to leave the leak be and open up discussions with fans. Speaking to Eurogamer after actually pointing them to the leaked video, CD Projekt's PR boss Pawel Majak explains that the company wants to make a bad thing better. "Let's turn the damage into something good and make [the game] even better."

The video depicts Geralt wandering about a village before fighting what both Eurogamer and I are thinking is a Kraken. It's either that, or a giant cliff octopus. It's definitely an epic encounter, either way.

I sure hope CD Projekt can get a handle on all of these leaks.

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