Oh How They Danced, The Starter Pokémon Of Stonehenge

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At last night's Pokémon Black & White premiere party in London the starters batted cleanup for vocal group One Direction, taking the stage to show off the sort of moves no trainer can teach.


There's only so much dancing one can do while stuffed inside a giant Tepig, Oshawott, or Snivy costume, but these three make it work. Tepig (my starter) made it work more than the other two, integrating strategic arm movements into his routine, while the others just sort of swayed from side-to-side. It's the fire in him. It makes him want to dance.

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And yes, I know you can't technically use London and Stonehenge interchangeably, but how else am I going to work in a Spinal Tap reference, mention Snivy's big bottom? That's just gross.


Pokémon Black and White for the Nintendo DS launch this Sunday in North America.

Pokémon Black and White Premiere video - see the starters dance! [Official Nintendo Magazine UK]

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