North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il is long gone. But his likeness lives on in this highly realistic statue given to North Korea as a gift of gratitude. Nothing says "thank you" like a wax dictator!

As China Daily (via Beijing Cream) points out, China's Great Man Wax Museum made the figure, Kim coat and all, and it was displayed at a big send-off in Beijing organized by the Chinese government.

The subtext is that this figure of the late Kim Jong-il could show improving North Korean-Chinese relations. Earlier this year, when North Korea was "going rogue", their longstanding alliance apparently chilled somewhat.


To mark the Korean War's 60th anniversary, the wax statue will be exhibited on July 27 at the Pyongyang’s International Friendship Exhibition, where people can take photos of the Supreme Wax Leader looking at things. Looking at me. Looking at you. Just looking. And smiling.

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中方向朝鲜赠送金正日蜡像 [ifeng]

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