You might be asking, why? Why spaghetti popsicles? But let's ask another question: Why the heck not? Actually, no. Let's just stay with why?

Japan is no stranger to unusual ice cream flavors. Even Häagen-Dazs has unique flavors just for the country. And the brand in question (Gari-Gari Kun or, loosely, "Crunchy-Crunchy Boy") is also no stranger to interesting taste sensations.

Most of the Gari-Gari Kun flavors are what you'd expect: Grape, pineapple, orange—stuff like that. But, here are some unusual Gari-Gari Kun popsicles from the past:


Rice cakes stuffed with bean paste... flavor.

Corn potage. Note that there was a stew flavor. Mmm... stew popsicles.


Ultraman flavored. (Kidding! It's strawberry with milk and jelly.)

The spaghetti popsicle contains bits of "tomato jelly" in a "Neapolitan" flavored ice cream.

The flavor is even surprising for Japan, with some people online actually doubting that this is a real product! It certainly seems to be, and here are two more looks at the ice cream's ad—if anything, to let this all sink in.


Back in late February, one Japanese store already had an in-store sign up for the spaghetti frozen treats, stating that the limited edition popsicle goes on sale March 24.


And Twitter user Kakkii apparently got his hands on the popscile early, writing, "Fucking disgusting. Blerrrrgh. lol." When asked if he bought the treat, he replied, "It was a present. Ha, no way I'd buy this."


I dunno. I would. Maybe. Not sure if I'd eat it, though...

Photos: manmosumashake, jun_127, twtrpfm, kksk1081, Akagi

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