An absolutely evil development for anyone who's been struggling over whether or not to spend $5-10 on a Cinder Kitten, the latest World of Warcraft update added an inescapable in-game store, capable of striking when the urge is strongest.

Previously players had to alt-tab out of World of Warcraft to spend real money on virtual items that will one day not exist. This gave those players time to realize the truth I carefully hid in that previous sentence.

But now it's like, "Oh my god, she has a Cinder Kitten! I want a Cinder Kitten! Oh god I bought a Cinder Kitten."

More importantly than being completely mean to the impulse-driven, the opening of the in-game store for World of Warcraft means that the infrastructure is in place should Blizzard ever decide to make this little puppy (or kitty) free-to-play.