Oh Good, Elder Scrolls V Won’t Use That Broken Old Engine

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While the reveal of a new Elder Scrolls game was a blast, it wasn't the best piece of Elder Scrolls news to come out of the weekend. No, the other piece is much more exciting.

Bethesda's Nick Breckon has confirmed that the next game in the fabled role-playing series won't, as originally suspected, be using id'sTech 5 engine. Nor will it be using Oblivion's outdated and broken engine (which so soiled my Fallout: New Vegas experience), Gamebryo.


Instead, it'll be using an "all-new" engine, one built internally at Bethesda. Not knowing what this engine is capable of, we're loathe to pass judgement on it, but working from the assumption that this new one improves on the old one, that's good news for Elder Scrolls fans.

[via Twitter]

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Guess I was wrong. They had previously stated they WOULD use an engine based on the Oblivion engine. However seeing as the company that originally developed the Gamebryo engine tanked I guess they had to change their minds.

That being said they still plan to leverage existing technology from Oblivion so its probably gonna suck.