There once was a genre on home computers that was more awesome than any other. It involved space ships, and exploration, and trading, and combat. It was games like Elite, Frontier and Privateer.

These days, that genre is basically dead. Except for Drifter, which is trying to bring it back. And God bless it for trying.


Directly inspired by the likes of Frontier, developers Celsius Game Studios are making one of the most ambitious mobile games I've ever seen, boasting a procedurally-generated universe capable of "100,000 light years" worth of content, and giving players the choice to explore that universe as either a merchant or a mercenary.

Sure, it'd be nice to see it as a shiny big PC game instead of what'll likely be an iPhone title, but fans of this kind of game will take what they can get, and this looks like something to keep an eye on.

'Red Nova' Creator Unveils Space Trading Game 'Drifter' [Touch Arcade]

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