For a movie/series with such a cult following, you'd think Stargate would have been better served by the world of video games, but nope. Fans have long been left wanting. Which is probably why a bunch of them have been modding the original Crysis for four years to make their own.

The result is StarCry, which introduces an 8-hour singleplayer campaign that features Stargate-specific art, voice acting and weapons.


The very first proper, official release build of the project was made available today, and you can grab it below.

Oh, and before you say it, yeah, there are a ton of references to other sci-fi series in the project (and even the trailer above). Weird, I know, but the creators say they exist with the campaign "still having a coherent storyline".

Release of StarCry, a sci-fi mod for Crysis ! [StarCry, via PC Gamer]

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