Official Sims Smart Speaker App Will Understand Simlish

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In the holiday update to The Sims 4, the game got a smart speaker that your Sims can talk to. Soon, there will be a Sims app for real Amazon Alexa devices.


In-game, your Sims can talk to their smart speaker, called Lin-Z, to listen music, play trivia, and even order a pizza.

The upcoming Alexa app does some of the same things. It can play any of the songs from The Sims 2, 3, or 4, play a Sims trivia game, or share history about The Sims. The app was shown off yesterday during a livestream with community manager Kate Olmstead and members of the development team, Emory Irpan and Manu Sharma.


There’s one added feature for the Alexa app. If you max out your relationship to the Lin-Z smart speaker in-game, it’ll tell you some Simlish phrases you can say to the Alexa app. Some of them are things most dedicated Simmers might already know, like the Simlish for “Hello,” which is “Sul sul.” Sharma said that there is a whole “secret vocabulary” for you and your smart speaker to learn.

Sharma said that he started working on this “passion project” a year ago, after his own family got a smart speaker. “My kid said, ‘Mama,’ then ‘Alexa,’ then ‘Papa,’” he said. According to Olmstead on Twitter, this app has a tentative release date of next week, is free, and will be released internationally.

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“My kid said, ‘Mama,’ then ‘Alexa,’ then ‘Papa,’” he said.”

For some reason, this depresses me.