Nintendo Announces Super Mario Run For iOS [UPDATE: Android Later]

Mario is officially coming to the iPhone. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at today’s Apple conference to announce Super Mario Run, an iOS runner with graphics from New Super Mario Bros.

It’ll be free to download with a set purchase price, and Nintendo says it’s “coming soon” to the App Store. It’ll be out by this holiday, they say.


UPDATE (1:50pm) — Nintendo tells Kotaku: “We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.”

Here’s the full video presentation from Apple’s conference:


Here’s the full description from the App Store:


Maybe this means Apple will actually start cracking down on all those clones?

An earlier version of this article stated that Super Mario Run would be a paid download. It’s actually a free download with a single purchase price.

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