A statue of Buddhist deities engaged in what looks like sexual intercourse was dubbed "crude and blasphemous" in China.

According to Xinhaunet and ShangahaiIst, a bar in Lijang, Yunnan province commissioned the four-meter tall statue. It has since been removed after complaints. The bar's owner decided to have the statue removed after repeatedly having to explain to customers.

"I'm a little disappointed," the owner, surnamed Lin, said (via ShanghaiIst), "as it took us months to have this Buddha statue commissioned."

The statue was nicknamed "yanyu Buddhas" ("yanyu" refers to one-night stands) by some customers who took a liking to it. Others could never get their mind around the piece.

"I think the concept of a Buddha on stage in a bar is strange in itself, and the position of the Buddhas just puts improper thoughts into your head," one local is quoted as saying.


The bar's owner pointed out that the statue actually features the "yab-yum", a Buddhist symbol of sexual union. Probably those who complained were unaware of the symbolic meaning—or could just never get beyond the tableau erected in the bar.

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“艷遇佛”因輿論壓力大拆除 麗江胭雨酒吧很委屈 [Xinhaunet]

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