Minecraft creator and ex-Mojang head Markus "Notch" Persson has a new house. He spent upwards of $70 million on it, and there is a candy room. Of course there is a candy room. You will probably never have anything that nice, nor will I. But hey, we can still stroll through it in—yep—Minecraft.

Dan Bovey went above and beyond the call of duty ("duty" in this case meaning "being a puppet to the cackling, unfaltering god that is inevitability") by not only recreating Notch's new mega-mansion, but also the now-infamous video that accompanied it. Music, camera angles—everything. It's basically shot-for-shot.


While pretty impressive overall, it must be noted that Bovey did cut a few corners. A motorcycle, for instance, becomes a motorcycle-shaped stack of boxes, decorations are not quite as ornate, and shelves are lined with books instead of pricey booze. Actually, that last thing is kind of unintentionally poignant, but anyway.

It's quite a feat regardless, and I very much doubt it'll be the last of its kind. We're talking about the Minecraft community, after all. I'm expecting to see a $70 million Notch mega-mansion inside a Death Star on top a perfect recreation of Drake's face before too long.

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