If you've ever been to Japan, you know one thing: mayonnaise is very, very popular. Japanese people like putting mayo on all sorts of food. So, it shouldn't be surprising that there is actually a mayonnaise museum in Tokyo.

Dubbed MayoTerrace, the recently opened learning center was established by Kewpie, which was visited by a variety of Japanese sites (such as Entabe, Tabiness, Enlarge, and Kita Colle). Kewpie launched the first Japanese mayo brand in 1925. If you are familiar with Kewpie mayo, you will recognize its iconic squeeze bottle. However, in 1915, it was sold in a jar like this:

[Photo: Enlarge]

The main area is called "Salad Hall."

[Photo: 21wannabe]

This is the "Mayonnaise Dome," and it's a wooden replica of a 450g Kewpie squeeze bottle.

[Photo: Entabe]

To better understand what you are looking at, here's a map:

MayoTerrace allows visitors to learn about the history of mayonnaise as well as see how it's made in the factory.

[Photo: Enlarge]

[Photo: Kita-Colle]

[Photo: Tabiness]

[Photo: Kita-Colle]

[Photo: ymzkprpr]

There's also a "Kewpie Kitchen" in which visitors can make their own original mayo-based sauces and dressings.

[Photo: 愉快な たかゆう家]

[Photo: Enlarge]

Kewpie even gives visitors free samples to take home.

[Photo: Enlarge]

However, be aware that, according to website Yasutaro Blog, there is a two-month wait to get the necessary reservations required to enter MayoTerrace.

[Photo: Yasutaro]

[Photo: NooBOON1222]

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マヨテラス [Enlarge]

MayoTerrace [Official Site]

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