Following a successful (triple-times-funded-successful) Kickstarter campaign in Spring, Bear Simulator is on its way towards release. It's looking great so far.


According to the latest Kickstarter update, which arrived after several progress updates on the developer's blog, the game is 60-70% done. There's no exact date yet, but it's aiming for a pre-holidays release, with a probable price tag of $15 and a Steam Greenlight page in the works. Here's a new video:

And while we're on the topic of Lost references, here's another one:


Yeah, those will be in Bear Simulator. And this, here, is the first official screenshot ("official" in that it represents the game's final look):

Looks great! It's "like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear," so it should play great, too. Stuff like this also makes me hopeful for the game's sense of humor:

So whilst making up some textures for this bear game I am sneaking messages in along with strange text, for example:


Trying to not overdo it and also trying to not use much "internet humor" since that can get pretty cringey. So I'm hovering between making the references subtle to glaringly obvious.

For this billboard I bought, it was blank and I had no idea wtf to put on it:


So I decided to be an egoist and put my website on it, along with a stock photo of a lady laughing to herself and eating salad:

That was a good decision.

EDIT: Just noticed I misspelled on that billboard, supposed to be "everywhere" not everwhere.


Bear Simulator is slated to arrive on PC towards the end of the year. Follow the official blog for updates (no, really, follow it, it's hilarious).

Bear Game Update for All [Kickstarter]

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