Oculus Rift Exclusive Is A PC Gaming Dream Come True

It was once just a demo. Then a full-blown game. Now EVE Valkyrie is the first title to be co-published by Oculus Rift themselves, making it an exclusive, and I couldn't be happier.


Oculus made the announcement today, saying that the game is now a joint deal between EVE creators CCP and Oculus' own internal team.

A space combat game based in the EVE Online universe, Valkyrie is what I dreamed the future of video games would look like when I was stuck playing X-Wing and Wing Commander on a 486 computer with a bad CRT monitor. The speed, the visuals, but most importantly the immersion. It's been a long wait - around twenty years - but hey, looks like we're almost there, space combat fans.

It's weird to see that dream coming true - at least on paper, I haven't played it - but also exciting.


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