Obliteracers Manages 16-Player Local Kart Racing

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Obliteracers is an over-the-top kart racer (think Mario Kart meets Twisted Metal) that lets you play against 16 people. In the same room.


It’s a recipe for unbridled havoc, and Obliteracers’ developers know it. If you want to, you can control the game with gamepads, laptops, keyboards, and even smart phones. Whatever you need to get everyone spitting filthy obscenities—“Frack!” “Poppycock!” “Ted Cruz’s puffy labyrinth of an anus!”—at each another.

There’s also online play and a solo career mode if you don’t have 16 friends in your living room at all times, like some kind of lonely loser. Related: I think we’re all a little lonely. It is clearly because none of us have 16 friends in our living room at all times. We should get on that.


Obliteracers is available on Steam right now.

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Is it an actually decent cart racer or does the fun hinge on the 16 players?