Obama, Kids Call Astronauts To Bug Them About Video Games

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Imagine you're a kid again. A kid who gets to not only meet the President of the United States, but in the same meeting, call an astronaut. While he's in space. What would you say?


"Can you play video games in space?"

With a bunch of schoolkids from the DC area in Obama's office, that's exactly what the first kid said. No questions about the majesty of space, or about the gruelling selection process involved in becoming an astronaut, or about the wonders of being able to just pick up a telephone and speak to somebody in space.

It was "Can you play video games in space?" Which, really, is pretty great. To his credit, the astronaut on the other end of the line answered honestly:

We can, in fact. And in fact a few years ago when I was up here for six months I had a video game that I used to play in my spare time. Unfortunately, we don't have much spare time.

So we can, we have a lot of laptop computers. But for the most part we stay real busy doing real work.

Games in space: confirmed. Bet the downtime up there leaves a lot of time for WoW grinding. Or, more fittingly, a spot of Xwing vs Tie Fighter against the Russians.

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How would you get internet in space? I know you can, but I don't understand how it would work. Is there like, a little router just sitting there on Mars?