Obama Almost Got A New Wii From Joe Biden

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All that Gamescom, Quakecon and Blizzcon news last week distracted from a key story reported by the LA Times: Why Barack Obama didn't get a Wii for his 48th birthday on August 4.

The Times ran a story last week about how America's vice president, Joe Biden, has been trying to strengthen his relationship with President Barack Obama.

One method? Get that man a Wii.

One White House official recalls the vice president fretting over what to get Obama for his 48th birthday earlier this month. Biden wanted to go with a Nintendo Wii. Told that Obama's daughters already have one, a disappointed Biden said, "You're kidding." Instead, he went with a golf range-finder to help the president judge distances to the hole.


But what if the President would have enjoyed a Wii of his own? Bad move, readers? Or is one Wii per White-Household enough?

Despite fumbles, Biden's a player [LA Times]


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Obama lets his girls play video games, but tells America to keep its kids away from video games? am i taking crazy pills?!?!

i can tell obama how far away from the hole he is. he's IN IT. debt up to his arm pits with his decisions lately.