Nyko does what Ninten-didn't with the introduction of the Nyko Wand+, a Wii remote alternative with Motion Plus support built right in.

Debuting today at CES in Las Vegas, the Nyko Wand+ features Full Motion Technology, offering the same 1:1 movement tracking capability as the regular Nintendo remote with the Wii Motion Plus add-on attached. In the official announcement, Nyko takes a subtle swipe at Nintendo for not creating an all-in-one controller of its own.

By building the technology into the controller, the Wand + provides all the functionality Wii gamers expect, plus the versatility and convenience they deserve; no more dongles, no more custom sleeves or incompatibility with docks and other accessories not able to accommodate attached dongles.

Ouch. If I were Nintendo, I'd be a bit embarrassed.

The Wand+ also includes Nyko's Trans-Port Technology, which allows action buttons to be replicated electronically on attached accessories, as opposed to Nintendo's analog connector.

All this for $39.99 when the Nyko Wand+ ships this March.