Nyan Cat Runs Amok in Project Diva f!

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There were many things I expected when I picked up Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f: Vocaloid songs, Miku in tons of crazy costumes, the ability to make "Call Me Maybe" into a playable level, new touch screen controls, and a major graphical overhaul—as the series takes the leap from the PSP to Vita.


What I did not expect? Nyan Cat.

...Well the song that serves as the background for everyone's favorite flying pop tart cat, if you want to be exact. "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" by daniwellP in all its repetitive goodness is one of the 32 new songs in Project Diva f. Want to see what it looks like in action? Just click the video above.


Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f was released on August 30, 2012, for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. It is also scheduled for a PS3 release early next year. Stay tuned to Kotaku East for the full import preview later today.

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Why do they call it by "Nyanyanyanyanyanya!"? Why not the title everyone else in the world knows? It's much shorter to write and it's the most popular too.