NRA Boss Responds To Game About Shooting Him In The Head: 'It's The State Of Our Country'

Last week, a member of the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums created a game where you shoot NRA boss Wayne LaPierre in the head.

On Friday, LaPierre addressed the game, rambling to Sean Hannity about how it shows America's hypocrisy and how games are evil and all that jazz. You can see the full clip above.


Of course, the implication that this disturbing game by some random Internet denizen somehow reflects on the entire gaming industry is totally disingenuous, but hey, who needs truth or context when you're looking for a scapegoat? LaPierre continued the charade with yet another oft-repeated lie.

"There's a lot of studies that show if someone's on the line, if someone's on the edge, [violent video games push] them over the edge," LaPierre says.

This, of course, is not true. There are no such studies. For a look at all of the violent video game research that actually exists, check out our full report.


LaPierre did not comment on the NRA's shooting video game, which was released last week for kids aged four and up. (The rating was later changed.)


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I find it kind of humorous that the NRA releases a seemingly harmless game about gun use and safety where no humans are harmed (albeit the game is aged inappropriately) and it's a travesty, yet some douche makes a game where you actually get to assassinate another human being and then that very human being is portrayed as the bad guy. I don't even really care about this issue as related here, or this NRA guy but that's just silly how one sided the view is on this.