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NPR's Morning Edition Covers MAGfest and Video Game Music

Today, NPR's Morning Edition dedicated a nice segment to the recent Music and Gaming Festival. They interviewed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, among others, closing out with this epic tune. Well played, NPR.


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Cursed Frogurt

I was at MAGfest this year. When Uematsu said Dancing Mad, the crowd exploded. The my-life-is-complete moment of the weekend was seeing an on-stage Uematsu mimic a Colossus yell from the X-Men arcade game.

I got to meet Stuttering Craig from Screwattack, Graham and Paul from Checkpoint, a lot of people from channel awesome (i.e., and James Rolfe.

I also got to ask Jon St. John and Ellen McClain (voice actors for Duke Nukem and Glados/ Combine Overwatch / TF2 announcer, respectively) a question in a Q&A session. Ellen McClain and her husband are awesome, they performed Want You Gone and Still Alive at the end of the Q&A (her husband was on banjo).