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Last charts, Conan was popular. Conan is still popular, being the first non-Warcraft or Sims title to defend its #1 spot that my human brain can remember. It even held off a respectable debut from Mass Effect, which entered at #2. Goes to show what a conversion, and not a port, can do for sales. I'll also make cursory mention of Call of Duty 4 at #8 and Sins of a Solar Empire at #9, because the rest of the charts are, yes, Warcraft and Sims titles. BORING.


1) Age of Conan

2) Mass Effect

3) Sims 2 Double Deluxe

4) WoW: Battle Chest

5) Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath

6) WoW

7) Sims 2 Free Time

8) Call of Duty 4

9) Sins of a Solar Empire

10) WoW: Burning Crusade

[charts courtesy of NPD]

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