Poor Nancy Drew. She couldn't hold off EA forever. The latest bricks-n-mortar PC charts see the indomitable Ms. Drew drop a spot to #2, as she's dethroned by chart stalwart The Sims 2. The rest, well, you know the rest. Maxis, Blizzard, Maxis, Blizzard, Maxis, Blizzard, etc etc etc. 1) The Sims 2 2) Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice 3) WoW Battle Chest 4) Spore Creature Creator 5) WoW 6) The SIms 2 Ikea 7) Diablo Battle Chest 8) Call of Duty 4 9) WoW: Burning Crusade 10) The SIms 2 Free Time [charts courtesy of the NPD Group] [Pic]