Way before Game of Thrones became the hottest thing on television, some of fiction's best politicking and betrayal could be found in Final Fantasy Tactics, a strategy-RPG originally released for the PS1, then PSP, then iOS and Android (in Japan).

It's one of the best games out there. And I guess there's a team at Square Enix that's been secretly cranking away at the iOS version, because this week there's a patch that adds new features: high-res characters, a better framerate, and achievements.

More importantly, the iOS version of Final Fantasy Tactics is 50% off until June 12. The iPad version is $9; iPhone is $8. Not a bad price for one of the best strategy games ever made, even if there is no universal app (and even if they still haven't optimized the game for the iPhone 5's bigger screen, as you can tell by my screenshot above).

So now you have no excuse for not playing this stellar game. Unless you don't have a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, iPhone, or iPad. Then you have a decent excuse, I guess. But I'm still gonna judge you.