Now You Can Snowboard And Look *Just* Like Tron!

Get ready to dress yourself in Tron inspired everything later this year, when Disney's sci-fi video game update hits theaters, bringing with it a massive influx of licensed goods. Like Tron: Legacy snowboarding boots, for example!

Disney is buddying up with Burton—the maker of those lovely looking boots—as well as Oakley, Adidas and Hurley for a bunch of Tron: Legacy stuff "designed for the active male." Adidas, no stranger to making Tron-style clothing and shoes, will offer up glow in the dark apparel. Oakley will churn out its "Elite Collection" brand of high end sunglasses and a Tron: Legacy backpack. Hurley will provide active males with "casual sportswear and surfwear inspired by movie characters Sam Flynn and Rinzler."


All of that stuff should start hitting in December with the theatrical release, a chance to bedeck yourself in Tron gear head to toe.

Of course, there will be official video games, toys and electronics to go along with it, a chance to potentially drown oneself in Tron: Legacy appreciation.

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