Now You Can Play With Sonic The Hedgehog's Pretty Head

Put it in a box and have it delivered to  Amy Rose.
Put it in a box and have it delivered to Amy Rose.
Photo: Tomy

Sega has teamed up with toymaker Tomy to give Sonic fans a 15-inch plush hedgehog head. It costs $39 and is a Target exclusive, just like a real hedgehog head.


Sonic’s soft, pliable skull is the product of Tomy’s Club Mocchi- Mocchi- line of squishy plush toys, which are basically Tomy’s answer to the wildly-popular Squishmallow toys, but using licensed properties like Splatoon, Super Mario, and Animal Crossing. Now Sonic joins the line, only instead of a full assortment of the speedy hedgehog’s friends, it’s just his head.

Add your own plush neck meats.
Photo: Tomy

Aside from re-enacting scenes from Seven, Sonic’s 15-inch face seems like it would be great for hollowing out and placing over your real head to scare people or do crimes. Or cut out his eyes, sew in a filter and make it your go-to covid mask. The fun never ends when you’ve got a super-soft Sonic head. Until it does. Then we have a cry and go home.



Sonic the Headgehog