UPDATE: This might be the first of many April Fool's jokes I'll fall for today for wanting too much to believe they were real.

Rob Ford as available as a leader in Civilization V:

This mod adds the City of Toronto as a civilization, under the leadership of Mayor Rob Ford.

The Civilization series showcases some of the most renowned leaders in history, so I wanted to subvert this by adding a leader whose qualities contrast with what we would and should expect from anyone with significant power. Behold, Mayor Rob Ford! In order to keep things respectful, I avoided references to scandals surrounding Ford’s various vices; needless to say there is still plenty to work with without indulging in the orchard of low hanging fruit available.

This is a mod that is playable, but not intended to be winnable or even enjoyable. It is satire and is in no way intended to compete with the countless mods here that actually take themselves seriously and are of a much higher quality. Regardless, modding civs to have hindering traits presents unique challenges in gameplay and should be explored further to create experiences that are both entertaining and critical. ~~~

Leader: Mayor Rob Ford

UA: Ford More Years: Maintenance cost of roads and railroads quadrupled. Costs of social policies increased tenfold. Has he mentioned he's saved the taxpayers a billion dollars?

UB: Mayor’s Office. Replaces the Police Station due to Project Brazen II. Requires 10 gold in maintenance but has 1 merchant specialist slot and provides 3 much needed happiness. Please note that in order for this building to benefit its city, people must actually be working in the Mayor’s Office.

UU: Doug Ford: Replaces Great Prophet. Can perform damage control (spread religion) more, with additional movement.

Unique Religion: Ford Nation, represented by the football symbol. It is set as the preferred religion of the Toronto Civilization, so expect to see Doug Ford AI units wandering around spreading the word and preaching against the gravy train.


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