Now Video Games Cause Tooth Decay

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Various scientific and medical studies performed over the past few years have shown video games to cause violent behavior, obesity, and crooked fingers among young people, but at least we still have our teeth - or do we?


A new study, run by the University of Iowa, has linked frequent video game playing to poor oral health. The study, conducted on children age 12 through 16, suggests that the dietary habits associated with frequent computer and console game use are conducive to tooth decay. Basically, when kids play video games, they eat and drink crap.

It's worth noting that children also eat and drink crap when watching television, reading books, or whenever their parents aren't watching. This is likely due to the fact that crap is delicious.


The study also found that children with parents who structure their video game playing time are less likely to suffer the ravages of tooth decay, as they are more likely to eat regular meals as well.

I guess the whole point of this study, as with just about any study about tooth care, is that you should regularly brush and floss your teeth. Gargling with Mountain Dew isn't going to make your smile more extreme.

If only there were some sort of point system for brushing...


I'm not sure why the University of Iowa decided to single out gamers here. We generally keep our mouths aimed at the screen, so bad breath and tooth decay isn't an issue. Just stay downwind and you'll be fine.

Teeth take a hit when computer games lead to bad bites [WalesOnline - Thanks Jeremy!]

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Michael Dukakis

Its up to the kids on whether to Chews to brush their teeth or play games.