Now This Is What I Like In An iPhone Game

I'm not the world's biggest iPhone gamer. Sucky controls and a flood of crapware sees to that. If only more games took advantage of the hardware as elegantly as FixPix does!

It's not much of a game. All you do is tilt the iPhone and the screen goes all quasi-3D, the aim of the whole thing being to align an image "correctly". But then, it doesn't need to be much of a game, as it's everything I want from a phone title: it's simple, it's stylish, and it looks like it'll be perfect for those times you've got only a minute or two to kill and just want to mess around with something.


It'll be out "soon".

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[via Gizmodo]


Your should give Diorama a try then. It's actually a game that uses this technology.