This year marks the 30th anniversary of Transformers. There's a big expo going on for robots at the Venetian Macao in, well, Macau.

At the expo, there are over one thousand figures on display as well as giant Transformer statues.

Very cool! As pointed out by CITS and CRI, the expo wraps up in early October.

變形金剛30周年展 [Facebook]

變形金剛30周年展 [Anthony Chao@YouTube]

變形金剛踩入澳門 狂博之爭再度點燃! [CITS]

Transformers 30th Anniversary Expo at Macao [CRI]

Weibo Photos: 羅霖香港網站/羽蒙_挺F/八卦香港/劉俊緯亞洲後援會

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