When it comes to hand-to-creepy-tentacle-thing combat, Abathur is the weakest character in Heroes of the Storm. But that doesn’t mean he can’t do some serious damage when he’s on the front lines.

YouTuber and Abathur player Brian Maum shows us how its done (via Reddit). Take notes, prospective Abathur players:

(Note: the two teammates who ambush Rehgar are actually invisible to him before they leap out of that little vent they’re hiding out in. HOTS replays make it hard to see that since it shows all players’ perspectives at once)

One of the most powerful weapons you have at your disposal as Abathur is the ability to trick people like the Rehgar in this clip into a false sense of security. Seeing the weak little worm monster made Rehgar act overconfident and extend himself beyond a secure point...which is right when Abathur’s allies knew to strike.

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