Now That is One Fine Arcade Stick

I've got an arcade stick. Fancy Hori one. I had thought, up until this very moment, it was the bee's knees. Turns out it's not even the bee's ankles. So thanks, Shadaloo, for the Monday morning downer.

Shadaloo make custom fight sticks. Users can choose their components (serious arcade/fight fans being picky about their brands of buttons), choose from a range of cases and end up with what'll likely be a one-of-a-kind fight stick.


Which I normally wouldn't care about, but being a sucker for a wood finish, I'm in love with this fight stick, which is 360/PC compatible, features Seimitsu buttons and has a case made out of oak. That's a serious wood, oak. A strong wood. If your roof was sagging you could probably use this as a load-bearing arcade fight stick.

Custom Shadaloo Oak XL fightstick [Shadaloo, via GameFreaks]


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