Watch Me Play Rainbow Six Siege [Update: Finished]

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The new Rainbow Six is out. It’s supposedly equal parts destructive and tactical. Let’s find out if it’s any good.

Word of warning: I haven’t played a ton of Rainbow Six Siege yet, so I might die a few times. Or more than a few times. That said, a lot of things are going to explode, so it should be fun regardless.

As always, I highly recommend joining the chat over on Twitch. It’s like a family in there, only everyone watches me constantly and tells me what to do. So yeah, pretty much just like a family.


Update: Stream’s over! You can watch the full thing below. First impressions: it’s got great potential, but you really need a solid, communicative team to have a good experience. Playing with pick-up groups, I saw flashes of brilliance—teams detonating bombs on rooftops as a distraction, then infiltrating via ground level while defenders panicked, etc—and a whole lot of random Rambo-ing. I’ll be playing tons more in the coming days. I’m looking forward to seeing what sorts of strategies I can come up with.

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