Hi everyone,

I'm Stephen Totilo, games reporter for over three years at MTV News, blog editor for MTV Multiplayer, journalist by master's degree, and fill-in for Brian Crecente this week.

I hope Brian won't have to cancel his trip over my guest-blogging nor that you'll cancel your Kotaku Gold membership.

I do think you should know a few things about me:

-I've loved reading Kotaku most of the time — just not when they published That Picture.

-I created "Hogan Knows Best" (You're welcome? Sorry?)

-I edit MTV's Multiplayer video game blog.

-I believe Metroid Prime 2 was better than Metroid Prime

-MTV Multiplayer published N'Gai Croal's analysis of Resident Evil 5 and the sketch of the Microsoft Wii-mote. But I didn't write either of those excellent pieces! Blame me for the Metal Gear Solid 4 NDA thing instead.

-I never owned an Atari

-I will occasionally link to Multiplayer work this week because I think we do pretty good work.

-I face a wall in the MTV News newroom, on the other side of which sits Kurt Loder

-I believe Oswald acted alone

Looking forward to blogging for you for the week!