Now Here's A Titanfall-Themed Xbox One That I'd Buy

Sleek, classy, and minimalist: it's hard for me not to like this Titanfall-themed Xbox One. If nothing else, it's definitely better than the mock-up that was floating around in a rumor dump recently.

Here are a few more shots—you can expand the picture, if you'd like:


Nice, right? The Xbox above belongs to Reddit user nal1200. Making it might be simpler than you expect, depending on your Photoshop skills. Here's nal1200, listing what was used to make it:

The skin, anyone can buy—heck, you could get a different one more to your liking. The logo was designed, which means that if you wanna do something similar, you'll need to know some design stuff. Naturally, both these things also require some extra cash to be able to afford it all, but the results speak for themselves.

For comparison's sake, here's the Titanfall mock-up, which, who knows, may never see the light of day:


I'll take the classier lookin' Xbox, I think!

(Via Reddit)

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