No, I think I was right the first time. If you see the new Technician mech on the enemy's team, kill it. If it's on your team, hug it. If it's you, then congratulations, you're a helper. Way to help. Want to see pics of the new map you'll be dying on?

Along with various fixes, tweaks, and the mech that's going to blow up a lot over the coming weeks, the Technician Update for gorgeous free-to-play mech shooter Hawken also delivers a little more of that gorgeous I keep going on about, in the form of Front Line.

Oh yeah, that's the clean-and-dirty design I fell in love with.


Front Line is a sexy new map for all game modes, loaded with wide-open spaces as well as opportunities for the more frugal mech pilot to hide. For instance, this looks like a good place.

You'll likely find me there. Or perhaps here.


If you're incredibly lucky, you might find me here, on my way to shelter.

But you'll never, ever find me here.


Because inside of that cockpit is not a safe place at all.

Either way, you should play Hawken. It's lovely.